Watch for these Signs that Your Evergreen Tree in Ontario Needs Help

Evergreens are hardy trees. However, it’s essential to watch for signs that they may require a little tender love and care from time to time. Below, we indicate key signs that an evergreen tree has succumbed to pests or disease. Use this information to help you troubleshoot calls from clients regarding the care of sick evergreens. If they aren’t sure what’s going on, refer them to a local arborist specializing in evergreens.

Pine weevils and bark beetles also love to target evergreens. These pests can damage a healthy evergreen quickly. Pine weevils lay their eggs in evergreens during the spring. Young beetles hatch in the fall and immediately begin munching on evergreen stands. Meanwhile, bark beetles target weak trees and can threaten older evergreens. Again, calling an arborist can result in a quick diagnosis and treatment. Acting early may save the tree.

Pine wilt disease caused by tiny worms can devastate evergreen treetops. Owners should call for help if they notice browning needles and a thinning canopy. Therefore, judicious pruning can remove infected branches and prevent further investigation.

How Do I Know If My Evergreen Tree is in Trouble?

Here are the top signsthat anevergreen treerequires immediate attentionfrom a qualified arborist in Ontario:

  • Heavy needle drop
  • Wilting, yellowing needles
  • Dieback
  • Thinning canopy
  • Needles with browning tips
  • Cracked, damaged bark

How Do I Care for a Diseased or Damaged evergreen?

Landscapers, contractors, and lawn care personnel should follow the advice of the arborist when it comes to maintaining damaged evergreens. Allow the arborist to prune back diseased and damaged stems to allow new leader branches to develop.

Wide Selection of Ontario evergreens

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