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Plants have always been a crucial part of the landscape, and some would argue that their importance is only increasing. Plants provide a diversity of sights, smells, beauty, texture, and growth forms to make your outdoor space stand out. They also cleanse the air around you and provide shade from intense solar heat. Adding native plants to your landscaping also helps maintain biodiversity. Plants also can provide a sense of calmness, something that has a direct impact on the mental health of those who spend time in the landscape.

With over 50 years in business, Dutchmaster Nurseries has been providing a wide assortment of plant material to the landscape trade for some time. As a company we pride ourselves in being an integral part of greening the world around us by providing quality plants to those who require them. To shed more light on the services we provide, please read on.

What products and services does Dutchmaster Nurseries Limited provide?

Dutchmaster Nurseries supplies quality trees including evergreen trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, and restoration plants to the landscape trade. If you're looking to add trees to your landscape, our selection of trees for sale includes yews, boxwoods, and hedging cedars. The size of the plant material we grow ranges in size from smaller plugs and potted material to large caliper trees in wire baskets and sometimes, trees that need to be relocated by truck spade.

Dutchmaster Nurseries Limited also supplies some products related to planting and growing, including stakes, fertilizer, rope, watering bags, trunk protectors, burlap, wire baskets, as well as many other hard goods. This makes it a one-stop store for all your landscape needs.

Our truck spade service allows customers to add very large mature trees to their landscapes and move large trees that may exist on the site. Most times, construction sites may require that existing trees be relocated to another part of the site so that they do not need to be cut down and instead can be enjoyed somewhere else.

Aside from quality plant material, we pride ourselves on having quick turnaround times and high availability of inventory at all times of the year. Our turnaround time is kept shorter by maintaining our own fleet of trucks and delivery equipment that is constantly moving. For plant availability, we hold large amounts of inventory and constantly rotate it so that we always have a fresh stock of what you are looking for when you need it. And with new cultivars of plants constantly emerging, we do our best to grow with new trends so that it is easier for our customers to do so as well.

Where is the company located?

Dutchmaster Nurseries Limited is a wholesale nursery located in Ontario, Canada. This does not mean that we only cater to the clients within this geographical area. We use our own fleet and several trustworthy brokers to ensure that we can supply our plant material throughout most of Canada and parts of the US.

With these questions answered, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your next landscape project. We have a pricing catalogue for reference on our site, but you can contact our sales staff for exact pricing and a more comprehensive range of products that may not be listed in our catalogue. Get in touch with us today to fulfill your plant needs.