Six Tips for Transporting Trees

At Dutchmaster Nurseries, we offer various flowering, deciduous, evergreen, and other types of trees to our customers across Ontario. After you find the perfect additions to enhance your property, it’s time to learn how to transport large trees. If you have several trees to transport, ask about our delivery services. For efficiency, we have minimums on orders that we deliver. The tips below come from our experienced tree handlers.

Tree Transportation Tips

If you have any questions on how to handle the trees during transportation and installation, ask one of our helpful team members.

Follow the tips below to get your trees home from the nursery safely:

  1. Whenever possible, transport trees in a covered vehicle. This helps protect the needles, branches, and leaves from dehydration.
  2. If you’re transporting your trees in a pickup or other open vehicle, bring along a mesh tarp to cover and protect the canopy, while allowing for airflow during transport.
  3. Handle each tree carefully to prevent scarring that will mar the appearance and potentially damage the tree.
  4. When transporting smaller trees in wire baskets, you can lift the trees by the basket to protect the trunk. If you don’t have a wire basket, support the root ball when loading, unloading, or otherwise moving the tree.
  5. You can also wrap the trunk with burlap or another form of protection to prevent damage to the tailgate or the tree.
  6. If you don’t have a machine to life the tree, use a board or ramp to slide it off the truck or trailer —the closer to the planting location, the better!

Trees represent a significant investment in your landscaping. By following these tree transportation tips, you can get them from the nursery to your property without incident. Although it’s possible to learn how to transport large trees, we typically encourage customers to purchase trees of a manageable size to facilitate the transportation process. 

Choose from a Wide Selection of Trees and Shrubs at Dutchmaster Nurseries 

Dutchmaster Nurseries has provided robust trees to customers for five decades. For larger orders, our drivers use great care to get your trees to you safely. In addition, you can browse through our online catalogue to get an idea of what trees to add to your landscape. 

Additionally, you can refer to our Tree Planting Guide for more information on planting trees in Ontario. Contact us today for information on tree transportation or to learn more about our tree spading services.


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