When is the Best Time to Plant a Tree?

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With so many factors involved for various species, it can be hard to determine the best time to plant trees in Ontario. Generally, most species do best when transplanted during their dormant season. With some exceptions, trees go dormant during … Read More

Four Evergreens for Privacy Screens and Hedges

Even people who love their neighbours don’t want them meddling in their business. If you’re looking for privacy trees for your landscaping clients, we can help. Evergreen trees make the best privacy screens because they keep their needles throughout the … Read More

Mature Trees for Sale in Ontario

Dutchmaster Nurseries is a wholesale nursery in Ontario, and we provide large trees for sale to contractors, landscapers, and municipalities. Keeping in mind your planting requirements, we can help you obtain mature trees for your next project. Most customers start … Read More

Best Trees to Plant in Southern Ontario

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At Dutchmaster Nurseries, we offer numerous trees from deciduous to evergreen to flowering varieties that add tranquillity, shade, and natural beauty to your property. Some customers are looking for the best trees for privacy in Ontario, while others want to … Read More

Six Tips for Transporting Trees

At Dutchmaster Nurseries, we offer various flowering, deciduous, evergreen, and other types of trees to our customers across Ontario. After you find the perfect additions to enhance your property, it’s time to learn how to transport large trees. If you … Read More

Tree Planting Guide

This tree planting guide includes tips and tricks on choosing the right type of tree, transporting the tree, and installing it on your property.