Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) Facts 101

“Every working day I pass

a tulip tree on yellow grass

and strain to see, when it appears,

petals out this time of year.”

-Tulip Tree in Bloom, January by Tim J. Myers

In Persian folklore, the tulip tree is said to have bloomed from the blood of two lovers, Farhad the stonecutter and Princess Shirin. In the story, the princess falls in love with the stonecutter after hearing him play the flute in the mountains. However, her father would not let the lovers marry. In a story reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers die as a result of their unrequited love.

This lovely story provides a suitable, if fictional, depiction of this unusual tree’s heritage. 

The tulip tree grows to a height of 35 metres and develops gorgeous yellow-green flowers that resemble tulips. Young tulip trees have dark green bark that turns rigid and brown as the tree ages. 

You can find out the types of tulip trees available by browsing through our tree catalogue.

Where Do Tulip Trees Grow Best?

In the natural environment, you can find tulip trees on Lake Huron’s southern shore. The tree also grows near the Niagara peninsula. In order to grow these trees domestically, provide plenty of water and full sunlight. Additionally, tulip trees thrive in sandy loam, where they can spread out their extensive root system. 

Are Tulip Trees Messy?

You can promote tulip trees to homeowners who want a relatively low maintenance tree. The flower petals drop for two weeks out of the year, and, under certain conditions, the tree can develop a sooty mold that indicates a high aphid population. Otherwise, tulip trees are quite easy to care for.

How Tall Does a Tulip Tree Get?

At 15 years of age, when they reach maturity, these trees can stand 70 to 90 feet tall and have a canopy 40 feet in diameter.

What Are Tulip Trees Good For?

You can find tulip tree wood in a number of products including the following:

  • Flooring
  • Siding
  • Furniture
  • Fencing

These lovely trees produce off white or yellow brown wood with a straight grain that holds stain and paint well. Want to know more? Check out our blog for solid information on trees that thrive in Ontario’s challenging climate. 

At What Age Do Tulip Trees Bloom?

It takes 15 years for a tulip tree to fully mature. At this point, they develop the distinctive yellow flowers that make them so desirable to property owners. When you buy tulip trees for your nursery, make sure that you ask the age of the tree. Otherwise, you could end up caring for the trees for a long time before it’s worthwhile to sell them.

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