Mature Trees for Sale in Ontario

Dutchmaster Nurseries is a wholesale nursery in Ontario, and we provide large trees for sale to contractors, landscapers, and municipalities. Keeping in mind your planting requirements, we can help you obtain mature trees for your next project. Most customers start by browsing through our catalogue, conveniently arranged in alphabetical order to make it easy to sort through hundreds of available trees

Whether you’re looking for an impressive heritage tree for a high-net-worth client or need to replace large trees damaged by storms or disease, we can provide healthy, beautiful trees that thrive in Ontario.

Large Trees for Sale – Visit Our Wholesale Nursery in Ontario

Mature trees come in all shapes and sizes. Are you looking for shady gentle giants? Looking for flowering trees to make your municipal landscape even more attractive? Trying to decide on the best choices available at your local tree nursery? Many factors will go into determining which trees you select for planting on your Ontario property or your customers’ landscapes. To help you, we have put together a small selection below to represent some of our most popular trees in Ontario: 

  • Autumn Blaze Maple: is a hybrid variety of the Silver Maple and the Red Maple. It is a fast growing, hardy tree with a high degree of pest resistance and a good range of soil tolerance. True to it’s name, this Maple is known for his splendid fall colour. 
  • Katsura: has a 12.5-meter height and a slender profile of 4 meters. Katsura trees have flamboyant yellow to red fall foliage and are a great choice for your commercial landscape.
  • Red Oak: is a popular choice for lining urban streets and sidewalks for their beauty, large crowns, distinctive leaves, and a root system that goes deep. These shady trees may grow to a height of 60 to 70 feet and can spread across 40 to 60 feet.
  • Honeylocust: is a popular tree in urban areas as it can grow well even in tough terrains. The leaves turn a gorgeous yellow in fall and the tree provides a light shade. The trees come in thorny and thornless varieties. Their soil tolerance is high, and they can thrive in wet and dry conditions.   
  • Redbud: is a fairly fast-growing tree with pretty, purple-pink flowers that blossom in spring. The flowers come before the heart-shaped leaves and add vibrancy to the early spring landscape. It has a rounded, spreading crown but it is not a large tree.  
  • Ivory Silk Lilac: is best known for its amazingly fragrant blooms. Flowering later than other varieties of lilac, this tree has showy white flowers that emerge in late spring and summer. As a compact, sturdy and fairly fast-growing tree, it is a popular choice for lining residential streets.  
  • Chanticleer Pear: is a great street tree with beautiful white blooms that grow in clusters and show in April and May. Fast growing and with interesting fall colours, it is a good choice of tree for cities in Ontario and has strong urban tolerance. 

For customers seeking mature trees, it’s important to find a tree nursery with a history of healthy specimens and excellent customer service. Dutchmaster Nurseries has been cultivating trees, shrubs, and customer relationships for five decades. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly—we can help answer any questions you have and can assist you with choosing the best large trees in Ontario.  

Where Can I Purchase Mature Trees?

Our tree specialists can offer recommendations on which mature trees meet your selection criteria. We provide a huge selection of wholesale trees and plant material for wholesalers and those in the landscaping trade. Find out more about our complete product line of perennials, evergreens, pond plants, and vines. 

Planting a tree? Ask us about the best way to transport your trees. Plus, our Tree Planting Guide provides comprehensive guidance on installing trees. Contact us for more information today. 


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